Field:        42° 26' 04" N

               -70° 59' 53" W

 Front Gate:  42° 25' 57" N

                -70° 59' 53" W

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1.    All AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) Rules apply to 107th Club at all times.

2.    All flyers, including guests, must be AMA Members. Buddy Box learners are not required to be AMA Members, but the             Pilot-in-Command must be.

3.    Entrance gate must be locked at all times per DCR rules.

4.    Per request of the DCR, NO SMOKING at the field. Smoking must be confined to the owner’s vehicle. Cigarettes, etc.                 must be properly disposed.

5.    All correspondence/communication with the DCR concerning Club matters must be made only through the 107th RC               Board of Directors

6.    All pilots must stand behind the safety fence when piloting aircraft.

7.    All members must have their current membership card displayed on them when at the field, including when flying.

8.    All vehicles must be parked to east side of the runway towards route 107.

9.    Only radio-controlled aircraft and control-line planes allowed; no cars, free flight, boats, rockets, or kites.

10.  Only 4 RC aircraft in the air at one time.

11.  All 72 MHz transmitters must have frequency flags displayed. All flyers must post their AMA card on the frequency                   board before the transmitter is turn on.

12.  If anyone causes damage to another’s property, including a crashed due to a frequency conflict or a rule violation, that           person is responsible for the damages.

13.  No alcoholic beverages permitted at field.

14.  No intentional flying over Route 107, pit areas, or control-line area.

15.  No taxing in pit areas. Carry running plane to taxiway or runway or taxi across the dirt from the setup stand to the                   runway.

16. Pilots must loudly announce for all other pilots to hear: All takeoffs, landings, touch & goes, dead stick landings,                         persons on runway or field, loss of control, or stranded aircraft recovery.

17.  No restarts on runway if other pilots are waiting.

18.  Trash barrels not for aircraft parts, take your planes home.

19.  Disturbing any birds or wildlife is strictly prohibited.

20.  All model aircraft must remain clear of full-scale aircraft and fly below 400 feet.

21.  Guests may fly for only three days then, must join the club as full members.

22.  Any persons observed riding on sport vehicles, motorcycles, or acting in destructive manner should be reported to DCR         @ 617-727-5380 or the Environmental Police @ 617-727-3905.

23.  Members should act in a civil and helpful manner, especially trying to assist new flyers.

24.  Planes with loud pipes or engines should be aware of sound carrying to houses when wind is blowing from the East.                Fly low, short flights. The exception is: No gas, nitro or kerosene prior to 9:00am on Sunday.

25.  Planes should be started in the pit area only. Bring your setup table into the pit area or use the ones provided. The pit             area is nicer than the dirt by your vehicle.

26.  Two parking spaces nearest the shed and two at the North end of the field are reserved for handicap parking. Please             allow our handicapped members to park there.

27. Be aware that we probably have the last almost perfect flying field in the area. Your Officers and Members have                        worked very hard to accomplish this. PLEASE take care to see that we do not lose our field due to thoughtless or                      careless acts.